Benefits of Brainwave Vibrations during Meditation

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Meditation has been used for thousands of years by many cultures to enlighten the mind and increase internal energy. Meditating on a consistent basis can help increase relaxation, reduce stress, build internal energy (Chi) and improve breathing. The benefits of meditation have been documented throughout history, but combining this ancient art with new age Brainwave Technology may take meditation to another level.

The use of brainwave vibrations during meditation has been shown to help the practitioner enter a deep meditative state faster than traditional methods. The state of meditation is also maintained in longer duration of time by allowing the brain waves to align with the frequency chosen.

Frequencies range from low pitched delta waves (<4 Hz) to high pitched gamma waves (>40 Hz).
While operating on the higher frequencies such as gamma waves, the mind enters a highly active state. This could be associated with things such as problem solving, arousal and fear. During low wave frequencies such as the delta wave, the mind enters deep relaxation. This could represent states such as deep meditation, NREM sleep or loss of body awareness.

A new study published by Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Volume 2012, Article ID 234713) shows that participants showed significant decreases in depression, as well as reduction in anxiety and stress.

Below is a chart comparing Brainwave Vibration Mediation (BWV) to Iyengar and Mindfulness:

*DASS = Depression, Anxiety, Stress


chart1 BWVchart2 BWV

In summary, mood improved in the overall sample. There were improvements in total scores for Brainwave Vibrations and Iyengar, improvements in stress for all groups, and improved depression levels with Brainwave Vibrations. While studies of Brainwave Technology are already proving to be promising, the surface has only been scratched to unlocking the benefits of this new age science.

Author:  Jason G.

Published: April 19, 2013


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